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Steps of the Family Journey

The Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

It is very important to us to make sure that our practice is the right fit for you. When you first reach out to Inspire Pediatric Neurology, you will speak with our Intake Coordinator who will provide you with information about our evaluations. She will discuss with you the nature of your concerns and what your goals are for the evaluation. As we want to make sure that we schedule you for the right type of appointment, you may be asked about previous evaluations and we may request reviewing records before setting up your appointment. We will then schedule you for Day 1 of the Neurodevelopmental Evaluation.
You will meet with our pediatric neurologist, Dr. Sidhu. She will review your child’s health and developmental history and perform a developmental-behavioral assessment. She will also conduct a comprehensive neurological evaluation of your child, including a thorough neurological examination. A key goal is to identify any potentially diagnosable or treatable causes that may be contributing to your child’s developmental delays and provide appropriate treatment and intervention. The results of these assessments will help Dr. Sidhu understand what additional medical tests or evaluations are needed.
About 3-6 weeks after the first visit, you will return to discuss results of the diagnostic testing that may have been recommended. The time between the two visits largely depends on the extent of diagnostic testing recommended and the availability of the test results. In addition to reviewing the results of the diagnostic testing, Dr. Sidhu will discuss your child’s diagnosis at length, make recommendations for any additional tests or evaluations, if necessary, and outline a comprehensive treatment and intervention plan. You will also have the opportunity to meet with our family resource advocate, at a later date, via either a virtual video visit or an in-person office visit, based on your preference. Our family resource advocate will discuss local community resources, programs and supports that are in line with Dr. Sidhu's therapeutic and educational recommendations and that are personalized for your child and family’s needs. We offer this additional service at no charge to you because parent education and advocacy is fundamental to our mission of providing the highest quality comprehensive and personalized care.
Following your child's evaluation, you can continue to use our secure patient portal to communicate with our team to ask any questions that might have arisen and to troubleshoot any concerns regarding the recommended resources you received. Your child will also be scheduled for a follow-up visit with Dr. Sidhu to monitor developmental progress.